Donations are always welcome. We are a not-for-profit business and rely on the kindness of people’s hearts to enable us to save horses’ lives and offer meaningful therapy for people who are hurting. All and any donations are so welcome, a one off donation is a fab way to be of service and truly put money towards a living and breathing cause or if you’re feeling a bit flash then we absolutely welcome monthly sponsorships.

With all of the special things we do each herd member costs between £650-£750 to support each month.

Herd sponsorship

£15 a month will go towards vital hoof & oral care

£25 a month will go towards healing herbs, flower essences and vibrational medicine for the herd 

£50 a month will pay for a holistic treatment for a herd member in need 

£100 a month will go towards nutritious quality feed for the gang

£250 a month will go towards vet bills and emergency care

Therapy session sponsorship

If you wish to donate towards a therapy session that would be fantastic, as there are people who equally need our support at this challenging time.

We see our donors as a valued extension of the team and all donors will be invited to our annual open event where you can see the good work you helped us achieve first hand. Our donors are a blessing, thank you!