Equine-Assisted Personal Development

Equine-Assisted Personal Development

At Lakota Fields we don’t believe in the term “not fit for purpose”, a term often given to horses who can no longer be ridden. We believe horses have a gift that extends beyond their riding capabilities. We call it horse wisdom. 

Whatever challenge you may be facing, horses are incredible healers and their wisdom can help us be open to our own intuition and wisdom at a deep level. They can facilitate deep healing and empower us on our journey of reclamation and recovery. They can help us meet and transform challenging truths with deep love and without judgement. 

Equine assisted healing & personal development – 2 hr session £90

We all need love and kindness especially when we are recovering from trauma or overcoming issues to do with mental health. When our world has come tumbling down and we feel we can’t trust life itself, the horses give us strength to deal with the challenge that this life has given us. Know that with love, patience and dedication to your healing process you will come through. Wherever you are with your process, the horses and myself look forward to receiving you. Sometimes we don’t know what we need to heal – trust this and trust that you have been guided to the horses for help.  At Lakota Fields we are here to listen and help you, no matter how hard and impossible it all feels. 

Fire Horse Ceremony – 3 hrs £150 (available early 2018)

Ritual and ceremony combined with horse wisdom is a fantastic way to get in touch with the more spiritual aspects of ourselves and let go of anything the soul has been carrying for a long time. Come light a fire like our ancestors once did and learn how to work with this portal of transformation for deep change.

Fire Horse day program – day (Approx 5 hours, this day includes lunch and refreshments) £265 (available early 2018)

Personalised group days 

If you have a group that you feel would benefit from connecting with the land and the horses then we are happy to tailor a day based on your needs. We look forward to hearing from different groups and facilitating a space for healing and fun.