Holistic Horse Sanctuary

Holistic Horse Sanctuary

Here at Lakota fields we offer rescue horses and unridden horses a safe space to rehabilitate. We honour each horse as an individual and do our best to listen to their needs and give them time to unwind and the space to express themselves. 

We take a holistic approach to the rehabilitation of each member of the herd through a variety of therapies including aromatherapy, sound therapy, Bach flower remedies, self-selection essential oils and herbs, homeopathy, vibrational medicine (crystals & essences), equine podiatry, animal communication and intuitive healing as well as different approaches to bodywork and sound veterinary care. We ensure that each horse has a non-GMO, pesticide and molasses-free diet with specific natural supplements to support each individual horse’s needs. All of our herd members enjoy living as naturally as possible which means they are barefoot and live out in a herd. With limited turn out we tend to bring them in with extreme weather conditions. 

Above all we adore our horses and feel it is this love combined with all other things that we do which has such a healing impact. 

In 2018 we will be moving the herd to a combined track system with equicentral benefits.